Single-head Auto Shrink Sleeve Labeler

・Production Speed: Max up to 30,000 bottls perhour
・A single head of Auto Shrink Sleeve Labeler

With high-level precision automation technology, the application products are used in various categories of packaging industry. Also are widely used in various traditinal insutries such as food, beverage, medicine and health care, etc. Equipment mateials and processes comply with ISO14001 environmental policy requirements. That have approval CE certification standards to ensure product safety. Product packaging consumables can be made by recyclable or biodegradable materials.


Max speed 500BPM
Bottle Diameters ψ25mm~ψ125mm
(Based on the bottle dimension of specification provided by the customer)
Film Material PVC /PET /OPS
Film Width PVC:0.035mm~0.08mm, PET:0.04mm~0.06mm,OPS:0.04mm~0.06mm
Machine Size 1090mm*1130 mm*3064mm(L*W*H) 
(Dase-Sing reserves the right to mofify the apperarance and dimension of the machine, in order to optimize the fuction of the requirement)
Voltage 3Φ220V,3Φ380V,3Φ415V,3Φ440V,3Φ480V
(According to customer requirement)

Core Competence

  1. Use the programmed editing language function to meet the high-speed and complext needs of the industry.
  2. With the function of communication agreement in PLC system, it can communicate with upstream and downstream equipments for production line and to meet the on-site production requirments.
  3. Build-in PLC w/motor synchronous control function, which can meet the high-speed production equipment stability.
  4. Using the OPC UA communication protocol, it is easier to interconnect and exchange data with upstream and down stream.
  5. Equipped with a remote connection maintenance module, which can connect with the client device directly, and provide solutions to the abnormality of the client device immediately.

Simplicity of Operation & Safety

  1. Humanized HMI design, built-in intelligent adjument fuction, users can set up the machine quickly and the learning cycle in the shortely.
  2. The equipment has passed the CE certification standard to ensure that the product is safe to use. The materials are meet the explosion-proof and flame-resistant standard requet. that is a avoid system failures and endanger the safety for the operators.

Repaid to Shift

With a mechanism platform that can be replaced quickly, it can be flexibly applied to products of various sizes according to the thinkness and size of different packaging materials to meet the different industries.

Energy Saving

  1. Servo-controlled, combined with bellows and servo motor feeding module, can be applied to lighter and thinner outer packaging consumables, effectively achiveing the effect of environmental pretection and cost control.
  2. Equipment materials and processes meet the requirements of ISO14001 envirommental policy.
  3. Product consumables are made of recyclable or decomposable materials.
  4. Import the monitoring module, when the device is not used for a long time, the device will enter the energy-saving mode.


  1. Equipped with UWI-840 multi-roll unwinder, it can extend the refill time, and the label can be replaced witout tools, reducing the manpower on site.
  2. Optional visual inspection soulution can automatically detect abnormalities, improve paroduct yield, and reduce client manpower requirements by effictively.

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