Steam Tunnel

DASE-SING AS-2800 Steam type shrink packaging is used to tightly fit the film material on to the container. Suitable for various bottle types and sizes.


Power source 3P/ 220V~415V
Machine dimensions 2800L × 500W × 610H mm
Tunnel dimensions 2800L × 150W × 420H mm
Host horsepower 0.4kw
Steam inlet pressure 0.5 ~ 1 kg.cm2
Steam consumption 100 ~ 200 kg/hr
Observation window None

Machine Features

  1. Easy to install, simple and generous shape Steam nozzles can be adjusted according to needs.
  2. The whole machine uses SUS high carbon steel material, durable, suitable for any environment.
  3. AS-2800B differs from AS-2800C by adding tempered glass on both sides of the door to make it easier for users to understand the shrinkage in the furnace; and adding 3 thermometers, users can use this to understand the current shrinkage temperature.
  4. The scale of the shaft is increased to make the adjustment more convenient and rapid.
  5. There are two gas cylinders in the machine body, which is easy to install and use the preheating furnace.
  6. The design of the furnace is redesigned, the steam flow is better, and the shrinking quality is better.

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