Double-heads Auto Shrink Sleeve Labeler

DSVC-EB II is a high speed double-heads sleever machine. When two heads operate simultaneously, the maximum production speed is up to 600bpm/180mm label length.


Max speed 600BPM
Bottle Diameters ψ25mm~ψ125mm
(Based on the bottle dimension of specification provided by the customer)
Film Material PVC /PET /OPS
Film Width PVC:0.035mm~0.08mm, PET:0.04mm~0.06mm,OPS:0.04mm~0.06mm
Machine Size 2214mm*1550mm*2752mm(L*W*H)
(Dase-Sing reserves the right to mofify the apperarance and dimension of the machine, in order to optimize the fuction of the requirement)
Voltage 3P;220V,380V,415V,440V(Choose one from the given selection)
(According to customer requirement)

Machine Features

  1. Can be fully integrated within production line.
  2. Safety guards and touch panel control system ensure unit is user friendly.
  3. Specially designed cutter plate does not need changing within rated specifications.If necessary, changes can be accomplished in only three minutes.
  4. Forceful insertion design could lower production costs for you.
  5. Integrated adjustment design for the entire transmission maximizes versatility for accommodating different label specifications.
  6. Accommodates film paper core size from 5"-10" with variable adjustments.
  7. Use PC-BASED control for increased accuracy and speed over conventional controls, as against the conventional PLC control.

Innovative Features

  1. Do not need to adjust bottle sensor ,sleeve speed can be arbitrarily changed .
  2. Using thinner shrink label at substantial film cost reduction.
  3. Ten recipes can be saved. Do not need to reset the adjustment parameters for different bottle shape.

Double Head Functions

  1. Two head mandrels can produce at the same time with production speed up to 600BPM/180mm when two heads are in operation.
  2. In case machine head no. 1 or head no. 2 is under repair or needs trouble-shooting or label splicing, one head can do the production with 600BPM/180mm speed label length.
  3. Machine head no.1 and head no.2 can produce different labels, for example ,one head with body sleeve, the other head with cap sealing , in the same production line at the same time.
  4. When machine head no.1 is in operation and head no.2 is on standby, but once machine head no.1 is abnormal, head no.2 can start production automatically to keep production performance.

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