i-Sleeve Pro II

i-SleevePro II is DASE-SING's fastest double-head machine with speeds up to 1000bpm/180mm (standard length).
In addition, it can use PET30um thin label and PVC32um thin label technology, which greatly reduces the cost of film materials.
For the two heads allow users to apply two different label position needed at the same time.
Flexible operation of single and double heads and all parameters could be set in the HCI, which makes it easier for customers to operate the production line.


Max speed 1000BPM。
Bottle Diameters ψ25mm~ψ125mm。
Film Material PVC /PET /OPS。
Film Width PVC:0.032mm~0.07mm, PET:0.02mm~0.06mm,OPS:0.04mm~0.06mm 。
Machine Size 2000mm*1327mm*2845mm(L*W*H) 。
Voltage 3P;220V,380V,415V,440V(Choose one from the given selection)。

Machine Features

  1. Can be fully integrated within production line.
  2. Safety guards and color touch panel control system ensure unit is user friendly.
  3. Specially designed cutter plate does not need changing within rated specifications. If necessary, changes can be accomplished in only three minutes.
  4. Forceful insertion designs could lower producing cost for you.
  5. Integrated adjustment design for the entire transmission maximizes versatility for accommodating different label specifications.
  6. Accommodates film paper core size from 5"-10" with variable adjustments.
  7. Use PC-BASED control for increased accuracy and speed over conventional controls, as against the conventional PLC control.

Innovative Features

  1. For substantial film cost reduction, double head machine can use 20 micron shrink labels to reach 650bpm/180mm label length. Single head speed can reach 350bpm/180mm label length.
  2. With auto speed variation insertion capability to meet conveyor requirement.
  3. With optional UWI-8 Multi Label Unwinder, label changing time can be extended to increase productivity.
  4. With optional i-ECO Steam Tunnel, steam wastage is avoided due to steam recycle function.
  5. Thermostatically controlled, no need for steam piping, exhaust piping, and pressure reducing system.
  6. Lower power consumption to achieve carbon reduction goal.

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