i-Sleeve Pro

This model is developed for customers who need high efficiency and high speed, and also need a small footprint.
i-Sleeve Pro, it perfectly meet the customers’ need with simplified footprint and high capacity.


Max speed 600BPM。
Bottle Diameters ψ25mm~ψ125mm。
Film Material PVC /PET /OPS。
Film Width PVC:0.032mm~0.07mm, PET:0.02mm~0.06mm,OPS:0.04mm~0.06mm 。
Machine Size 2410mm* 1377mm* 2799mm(L*W*H) 。
Voltage 3P;220V,380V,415V,440V(Choose one from the given selection)。

Machine Features

  1. Can use Ethernet communication or dry contact I/O control during production.
  2. Safety guards and color touch panel control system ensure unit is user friendly.
  3. Specially designed cutter plate does not need changing within rated specifications. If necessary, changes can be accomplished in only three minutes.
  4. Use PC based control for increased accuracy and speed over conventional controls.
  5. Servo control adopts Ethernet communication which is less susceptible to interference.

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