Single-head Auto Shrink Sleeve Labeler

A single head Shrink Sleeve labeler which sets the standard speed up to 150bpm. Ultra-thin cutter plate, unique drive transmission structure design, easy adjustment and disassembly.


Max speed 150BPM
Bottle Diameters ψ25mm~ψ125mm
(Based on the bottle dimension of specification provided by the customer)
Film Material PVC /PET /OPS
Film Width PVC:0.035mm~0.08mm, PET:0.04mm~0.06mm,OPS:0.04mm~0.06mm 
Machine Size 730mm*860mm*1900mm(L*W*H) 
(Dase-Sing reserves the right to mofify the apperarance and dimension of the machine, in order to optimize the fuction of the requirement)
Voltage 3P;220V
(According to customer requirement)

Machine Features

  1. Can be fully integrated within production line.
  2. Safety guards and touch panel control system ensure unit is user friendly.
  3. Specially designed cutter plate does not need changing within rated specifications.If necessary, changes can be accomplished in only three minutes.
  4. Forceful insertion design could lower production costs for you.
  5. Integrated adjustment design for the entire transmission maximizes versatility for accommodating different label specifications.
  6. Accommodates film paper core size from 5"-10" with variable adjustments.

Innovative Features

  1. Slim cutter plate design, with fixed drive belt tension design, for easy adjustment and maintenance.
  2. Manual up and down spiral design for easy adjustment. Adjustment range is wider than traditional machines.
  3. With unique drive transmission structure, designed for easy usage.
  4. Machine only uses 3 timing belts for easy maintenance.
  5. Adopts separate conveyor design, which can easily be integrated within any production line.

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