Shrink Sleeve Rotogravure Printing

Rotogravure printing is a high-quality and efficient printing process. In this printing method, the image to be printed is engraved onto a cylinder, typically made of copper or chrome-plated steel, using a laser or chemical etching process.

Label Printing Service We Provide

Rotogravure Printing provides high-quality images on flexible packaging products like shrink sleeve labels, laminates, and pouches, helping branded products stand out in the market and attract consumers' attention.


Unique Printing Options

Label Embossing & Tactile Label Printing

In addition to visual design, we offer tactile element that makes your product truly unique. When 3D embossing is used on printed labels, it not only enhances the tactile experience but also provides the added benefit of anti-counterfeiting labeling.



Double-sided Label Printing

Printing patterns or product information on double sides of labels allows for a simultaneous display of the product distinct three-dimensional beauty. Rotogravure printing method is utilized to enhance the three-dimensional effect of color patterns with both inside and outside graphics.



Thermo sensitive Ink

Color change according to the temperature, For example, It will be black when temperature below 35 degree, it become transparent when temperature exceed 35 degree. (Color and temperature can be adjusted accroding to customer requirement. ) Extended application: The color changing design can be hidden in the picture or text.

We offer shrink sleeve label materials in the following options:

  • PET shrink film
  • PVC shrink film
  • OPS shrink film
  • POF shrink film
  • PE shrink film

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