Maximum speed 450bpm.


Max speed 450BPM。
Bottle Diameters ψ25mm~ψ125mm。
Film Material PVC /PET /OPS。
Film Width PVC:0.035mm~0.08mm, PET:0.04mm~0.06mm,OPS:0.04mm~0.06mm 。
Machine Size 1090mm*1130mm*3064mm(L*W*H)。
Voltage Power source:3P;220V,380V,440V(Choose one from the given selection)。

Machine Features

  1. Can be fully integrated within production line.
  2. The double label holders feed the labels alternately thereby reducing the time for changing the labels and enforcing operation convenience. Optional 45 degree ground label unwinder is available.
  3. Specially designed cutter plate does not need changing within rated specifications. If needed, knife plate change-over can be performed under 3 minutes.
  4. Forceful insertion design could lower production costs for you.
  5. Integrated adjustment design for the entire transmission maximizes versatility for accommodating different label specifications.
  6. Accommodates film paper core size from 5"-10" with variable adjustments.
  7. PLC(Programmable Logic Control) for increased accuracy and speed over conventional controls.

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